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SEE Law Journal editions are free to download. Below you can find the links for the two editions of the SEE Law Journal that have been published, under the support of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, Open Regional Fund for South East Europe-Legal Reform. All future publications will also be available for download in this area of the website. Please find the links for free download listed below:


SEE Law Journal / Issue 1 / Volume 4 / December 2018 

1. Diplomatic Immunity in the Jurisprudence of the ICJ by Bojan Milisavljević and Ivana Krstič

2. The impact of Europeanization of Normative and Institution Building in Albania: The Case of Competition Law by Bojana Hajdini

3. Access to Justice for Children with Disabilities by Paula Poretti and Marija Živković

4. Republic of Macedonia’s membership in EU and NATO in the light of the ICJ Judgment of 5 December 2011 by Toni Deskoski and Julija Brsakoska Bazerkoska 

5. Victims and Perpetrators of Stalking and Cyber Stalking: What has changed in the criminal legislation of Serbia? by Vida Vilić

SEE Law Journal / Volume 1 / Number 3 / April 2017

1. Intellectual Property Rights as Foreign Direct Investments in the Transitioning Countries - the Macedonian Example - by Ana Pepeljugoska and Valentin Pepeljugoski

2. Perception of the ICTY in Bosnia and Herzegovina - the Tribunal Between Law and Politics - by Enis Omerović and Glorija Alić

3. Albanian Certification of Succession and its Approximation to EU Regulation no. 650/2012 - by Enkeleda Olldashi

4. The Negotiorum Gestio Institute According to Albanian International Private Law and Rome II Regulation, Conflict of Law Rule - Laura Vorpsi and Xhon Skënderi

5. The Importance of Trademarks as Value Assets for Companies' Development - Macedonian and Comparative Perspective - Darko Spasevski and Hristijan Koneski

6. Interpretation of Contracts - Amna Gagula and Velida Luković

SEE Law Journal / Volume 1 / Number 1 / January 2014

1. Biomedical assisted fertilization in Macedonia, Serbia and Croatia: Ethical and legal aspects – by Dejan Micković and Angel Ristov

2. Electoral systems in Europe and the case of Albania – by Iris Petrela

3. European enforcement order for uncontested claims - new challenge for the Macedonian civil procedural law – by Dijana Gorgieva and Zorica Stoileva

4. Organization of administrative-legal protection of the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia by Nataša Pelivanova and Mirjana Ristovska

5. The approximation of the policies and legislation on forestry in Albania with the acquis communautaire - by Erjon Muharremaj

6. Towards broader use of electronic bills of lading in international transport of goods – by Vladimir Savković

SEE Law Journal / Volume 1 / Number 2 / November 2014

1. New Transfer Pricing Regulation in Serbia: A proposal for the Amendment of Tax Regulation and Harmonization with the EU Acquis Communautaire – by Ivana B. Ljutić

2. The Problem of Euthanasia in the Balkan Countries with Particular Reference to the Macedonian Criminal Legislation – by Nada Doneva and Aleksandra Angelovska

3. The EU Origin of the Albanian Legal Regime on Product Liability – by Nada Dollani

4. Assessment of Damage and Recourse Actions in 1971 Hague Convention, Rome II Regulation and Bosnian PIL Act: What is Wrong with Respective Case-Law in Bosnia and Hercegovina? – by Jasmina Alihodžić and Anita Duraković

5. Fighting Hard-core Cartels in Albania: Analysis of Key Cases – by Petrina Broka