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Final activities of the Strengthening the EU Law Studies in SEE project


Since the project was allowed the extension of 4 months in August 2019, the final activities of this 3 years project were organized and implemented with success. Thus in this four months period the Editorial Board of the journal had its second meeting at the end of October at the Faculty of Law in Belgrade, while the faculties had successfully completed the second round of EU Law Days and finally the seventh edition of the SEE Law Journal (which is 4 edition published within this project) was prepared and issued on 26 of December 2019. This wraps up successfully the project as all of the panned activities and outputs were completed in the set time frame while reaching wide academic audience. The SEE LJ will continue with publication in e-format after the closure of this project, which we see as a proof that the capacities of our network and the Editorial Board of the journal were significantly strengthened which will lead to further development of this significant publication. The latest Call for Papers will be published after the New Year’s festivities throughout our network, and will be active till 20th of February 2020.