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EU Law Days being organized throughout the SEELS network

The first issue of the newly formatted SEE Law Journal was published with the closure of the last year, following which the series of EU Law Days have been organized throughout the SEELS network. So far the following members have successfully organized these events: Faculty of Law in Nis, Faculty of Law in Sarajevo, Faculty of Law in Osijek, and Faculty of Law in Mostar.

By the end of May the EU Law Days are announced and will be organized in Faculty of Law in Belgrade, Faculty of Law in Rijeka and Faculty of Law in Skopje, while the remaining members are expected to follow closely. In this period we also expect to have the second and third edition of the SEE LJ published too, which will coincide with the realization of the remaining EU Law Days.

From the preliminary reports we have received from our members, the events were success as they instigated a vivid debate within the academic environment. Especially satisfying is the fact that these events were proven to be very popular among the younger academics and students. We will come back with more information on these events after the completion of the same within the network.