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Creation of the Web Platform

In the months of June and July we were actively working on the creation of the new web platform dedicated to the new format of the SEE Law Journal. The goal of this platform would be to promote and inform on the journal itself as well as the activities which were undertaken within the “Strengthening the EU Legal Studies in SEE” project within which frames the current transformation of the SEE LJ is happening. The new web platform will also speed up the overall process of publishing the SEE LJ and will make it user friendly for all parties included in this process. It will mean easy access to the calls for all interested authors, easy application process, and deeper insight in the phases of publication for all involved parties, as well as greater efficiency in the publishing of the journal itself. 

The page will be divided in two sections – one informative containing the information related to the publications and the project activities as well as access to relevant texts, papers, opinions and news on specific legal topics related to the scope of interest of the SEE LJ itself. The second part will be dedicated to the authors who wish to publish in the edition and the individuals and bodies which are included in the process of the editing and publication of the journal.

Currently we are in the process of fine tuning the whole web platform, and we will be ready for launching it online by the end of this month.