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Active Calls


Here you will find the information on the active calls that are published for the new editions of the SEE LJ and on the manner of submitting your paper for the respective call.

Application Periods:

In accordance with the new Editorial Policy we have made the calls open for a significantly longer periods so that the authors could have sufficient time for application. As the SEE LJ is a biannual edition, there can be only 2 active open calls in a single year.

The applicant who planned to apply for an earlier call but was unsuccessful, will be able to submit his or hers paper for the second active call. 

All calls will have to have a closing date for the purposes of the technical and editorial activities to take place before publishing the edition. All closing dates will be clearly stated on our website, so please check them out before planning your submission.

We will be publishing the application dates for 2019 soon. Please visit our page to find out more on this in the upcoming days.

Active Calls

The Fourth Call for Papers for the SEE LJ is now open. The deadline for the call is 16 of June 2019