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Why new website?


Creation of a new Website

Public area

One of the main goals of this activity is to speed up overall production process of the SEE LJ and to provide its regular publication. Having that in mind, we have created the website which will be two fold in structure. That means that it will be divided into a public and a password restricted space. 

The section of the website that will be accessible for a wider audience will ensure fast and efficient dissemination of information on EU Law in the South East European sub-region and it will be open to the general public. This area of the website is developed in such a manner that it provides free and easy access to content of the SEE LJ on the one hand and additional information on current developments and discourses on the other to all interested parties. Since the public section of the website is available to the widest addressees, we structured it in a manner that is understandable to a general interested audience avoiding the specific scientific jargon which might act as an obstacle in some cases. 

This area of the website will provide easy access to structured information on relevant EU Law issues as well as to the academic research on those topics. This information will be accessible to the academia, the law practitioners, policy makers including governmental institutions and civil society organisations. Thus it will increase visibility of the legal research on EU issues and provide information on different experiences and practices in the process of EU integration of the Western Balkans. 


Editorial area – Acceleration of the publishing process of the SEE LJ

The password-protected virtual platform area is the second part of this website, which is accessible only for editorial board members, reviewers, proof-readers and authors and they do have different levels of access authorization. This format is planned to facilitate the process of submission of papers, review and proof reading and speed up the process of production of the journal. 

This area of the website will require for all of the participants to register prior continuing with their specific tasks within the SEE LJ, and will serve as a platform, which constructed in such manner will provide all persons involved with an up-to-date overview of the editing process and status, as well as facilitate comprehensive project documentation and will serve as a structured document repository.

To make it more functional for the users, this area will also contain the series of tailor made webinars and manuals for all of the groups included in the process, which will help them understand their specific domains, how they function and how they can be put to best use. The virtual platform included in the website will simplify the workflows related to the production of the SEE Law Journal and provide a communication platform for the editorial board, reviewers and authors.