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EU Law days


EU Law days will be held in all of the SEELS member faculties after the publication of the first and third edition of the SEE LJ. These events aim to promote the study and research of EU law within the network and to further increase the visibility of the SEE LJ at the faculties. 

They will serve as a medium for presentation of the content of the SEE LJ as well as the subject of the of EU law in general. Here the academics will have a chance to present their current research activities related to EU, especially the ones whose articles have been published in the SEE LJ. 

In addition to this, the presentations will be followed by the moderated discussions between academia and policy makers/legal professionals, which will be the central element of the ‘EU Law Days’ with expected participation of the representatives of EU delegations and national secretariats for European integration, as well as legal professionals such as attorneys, judges and public prosecutors to enter into debate with academics and students in form of a panel discussion.

Acting as an open forum for a structured debate the ‘EU Law Days’ will also promote the EU studies and research in the field of EU law among the legal community. They will also promote the new editions of the SEE LJ endorsing it as a valuable source of information on important issues related to the development of the national laws in light of the EU law, providing access to the relevant discourses and research findings for legal professionals and policy makers. 

The  events will take place in the following faculties of Law:  Tirana (ALB), Sarajevo (BIH), Zenica (BIH), Mostar “DzemalBijedic” (BIH), Zagreb (HR), Split (HR), Osijek (HR), Rijeka (HR), Skopje “SsCiril and Methodius” (MK), Belgrade (SRB), and Nis (SRB). The dates and more details will be announced here and in the web sites of all SEELS member faculties.